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Young Advisory Board

First editon 2020-2021

We are pleased to introduce the members of our very first Young Advisory Board. You will find their contributions here in the form of articles that we will publish on our site on a regular basis.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum (MICR) asks a central question: how does humanitarian action affect us all, here and now? To reflect on this with its visitors, the museum invites artists and cultural partners to consider the issues, values and current events of humanitarian action. It thus positions itself, in an open, agile and welcoming way, as a place of memory, creation and debate. By launching a young advisory board (YAB) in partnership with the University of Geneva, the museum has two main objectives: to embrace the challenge of collective intelligence by opening itself up to the critical approach of students and to unveil the inner workings of the museum in terms of knowledge sharing and professional development opportunities.

Anaïs Bayrou

Anaïs Bayrou is a student at the University of Geneva studying for a master’s degree in law. She has a double bachelor’s degree in international relations and law, and completed several internships in the field of art and cultural property law, notably at UNESCO and the University Centre for Art Law. She feels very concerned by humanitarian issues and has made international humanitarian law one of her specialities during her bachelor’s degree. By joining the Young Advisory Board, Anaïs wishes to have a better insight into the museum world, its actors and its issues and also enjoys taking part in exchanges between students and professionals on the future of museums.

Juliane Fegert

Juliane Fegert is doing her Master’s degree in History of Art and Architecture. She is currently co-president of the NGO Codap – Human Rights Advice and Support Centre for Young People.

The MICR is, according to Juliane, a flagship institution in the local and international landscape. The depth of its message and the richness of its history are unique elements, with many facets still waiting to be unveiled. It is with great pleasure that she joins in the adventure and challenges that await the museum, so that future (and present!) generations can enjoy a place reserved for what binds us deep down, what twists us and what brings hope back to life.

Laetitia Maradan

Laetitia Maradan, a graduate in environmental sciences, completes her studies with a complementary certificate in visual studies at the University of Geneva. Wanting to mix her two interests for the environment and culture, she joined the Young Advisory Board in order to learn more about the functioning of cultural actors in Geneva and to recall the current challenges linked to the climate. She shares the museum’s vision of integrating young people into the decision-making process and wishes to participate in the future dynamism of the institution as a living place that accompanies societal changes.

Claudio Pinto

Claudio is a student in adult education. He studied visual arts at HEAD – Genève. When he heard about the creation of the YAB, he was eager to join it because he wanted to discover and participate in reflections on how the museum transmits and creates a sense of belonging to the humanitarian cause. For him, the museum is, among other things, an educational space that must be accessible to everyone.

Selin Yetim

Having obtained a bachelor’s degree in international relations, Selin Yetim is currently pursuing a master’s degree in socioeconomics in Geneva. Selin sees the YAB as a catalyst of opportunities, she is grateful to have been able to participate in it for several months now. Through these meetings, she is gradually discovering the other side of the MICR and wishes to deepen her reflections on museums related to inclusion and diversity. She still has a historical interest in the non-exposed pieces that she hopes to glimpse through this collaboration.

Follow them closely! But don’t forget to keep the social distance!