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Time Capsule

We are thrilled to showcase the Time Capsule in the Museum’s atrium, a sculpture full of hopes and dreams that raises questions on how to become good ancestors.

The Time Capsule contains contributions collected in 2020 from around 50 people all over the world: relics of the pandemic, newspaper clippings, drawings, objects, letters and poems. When the time capsule is opened in 2050, the part of a combustion engine that it is made out of may be obsolete.

Along with the hopes and dreams that it contains, the time capsule itself raises questions of recycling, long-termism, the changing face of humanitarian work, environmental stewardship and collective action. We can all become good ancestors.

The time capsule is the result of a collaboration between the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre. It was conceived and created by United Environment Architecture and funded by EIT Climate-KIC.