The Museum The Director’s welcoming word

©MICR, photo Anoush Abrar

©MICR, photo Anoush Abrar

Defending human dignity, Restoring family links, Reducing natural risks: the permanent exhibition The Humanitarian Adventure presents three contemporary problems that are of concern to each of us today and, in a wider perspective, will affect our common future for decades to come.

As a place of awareness and reflection, a museum of history and society helps us to understand the world. What distinctive contribution can it make in the era of the internet and instantaneous information? Exhibitions have the unique privilege of being able to drawn on all disciplines of knowledge and, in parallel, to make simultaneous use of all media to put them across. But presentations of that kind would be uninspiring without a dimension that we were keen to introduce: emotion. Each thematic area of the new exhibition immediately invites visitors into an awareness-raising experience before they explore its informational content.


Twelve contemporary witnesses trace the main thread of The Humanitarian Adventure. They welcome our visitors and accompany them on their tour of the Museum. They remind us that human relations are at the heart of humanitarian action – an obvious fact that the dictates of technology or technocracy sometimes tend to forget.

The personal commitment, the shared resilience and the force of the collective action of those witnesses motivate us to fight for a fairer world, like Henry Dunant and those who work in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. To refuse to accept the inacceptable.

We look forward to welcoming you to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum.

Roger Mayou