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Prisoner’s objects

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The Museum has a unique collection of prisoners’ objects – items made by detainees and given to ICRC delegates who, in keeping with the ICRC’s mandate under the Geneva Conventions, were visiting the prisons.

The collection serves as a reminder of the many situations of violence that ravaged our planet over the last century – from Chile to Viet Nam, Algeria to Yugoslavia, Rwanda to Afghanistan…

Made from the rudimentary materials available to prisoners, these objects illustrate the need for detainees to escape their confined environment. As one female detainee put it: “Creating something sets you free. It’s a way of expressing yourself when everything around you tends to silence you and make you forget who you are.”

We are moved by the simplicity of some objects and amazed by the beauty or ingenuity of others.

Each object tells a unique story filled with emotion. But it also takes us on a journey through time and through our shared history.

With texts of Paul Bouvier, Roger Mayou, Martin Rueff and Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff.


Page number : 159

Edition : 5 Continents Editions