26 JANUARY 2022, 2PM

On the occasion of the ”Gender & Diversity” thematic year at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum (IRCM), four films of the “Héro·ïne·s” (Black Movie 2021) program addressing issues related to gender identities and patriarchy will be presented and followed by a discussion with the audience.

In the four corners of the globe, children defy norms and authority in order to exist fully as individuals: a Turkish and a Moroccan girls try to make their place in a male-dominated society, an Argentinian man tries to make his father accept his true identity… A selection that breaks down prejudices and pushes for emancipation!

Legal age: 10 years / Suggested age: 12 years / 91′ / Vo st fr

Discover the detailed programme of this collaboration with the Black Movie festival!

Hush! – Turkey – 15 minutes

Troublemaker – Nigeria – 11

El nombre del hijo – Argentina – 13

Doah – Morocco – 15′


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  1. says:

    almost all of what youre It must be quite a lot of work to keep your blog so nice and neat! Im sure all of us readers appreciate your efforts as much as me!

  2. MICR says:

    Hi, thank you for your kind message. We are thrilled to collaborate with a cultural and academic partners in Switzerland and abroad, with whom we organise various events. We look forward to welcoming you at the museum, or online!

    The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

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