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07 May 2014 - 04 January 2015

While art often affords us moments of delight, it can also recall difficult times and testify to individuals’ suffering. For All too human. 20th and 21st century artists and suffering, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum and Mamco have come together to exhibit a selection of works that look at the suffering inflicted by human beings on other human beings. A set of exhibits has been put together that range from historical scenes from the First World War by Otto Dix, through an etching by Pablo Picasso and a painting by Zoran Mušič, to more recent creative activity, illustrated, for example, by the bodies in pain of Louise Bourgeois (1998). The exhibition provides an opportunity to delve into the history of the world and of humanity by embarking on a veritable journey through modern and contemporary art. It includes rare artists, such as Leon Golub and Felix Nussbaum, and even some real finds, such as Nikolai Getman.

An exhibition by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum in collaboration with the Mamco.




An exhibition catalogue (only in French), including essays by Catherine Malabou, Catherine Perret and Bernard Vouilloux is available at the Museum shop and online.