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COVID-19 and Us

By Magnum Photos and you


Extended until 31 March, 2021

To make sense of the complete changes caused by the pandemic, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum (MICR) is launching “ COVID-19 and Us “, an international participatory project, in partnership with the famous agency Magnum Photos.

Photographers from all over the world will share with us their views on the pandemic, first online from May 18th and then physically at the museum from mid-June. We will discover their exclusive images with you on a regular basis online.

Gradually, we will install them with you in our permanent exhibition, casting a new look at it. We will also give you the opportunity to share your personal story with us, which we will keep in our collections. If you wish, it may be presented in the museum and included in a new film coproduced with Magnum Photos, scheduled later this year.

To share your story with us and take part in this ambitious, innovative and experimental project, click here!

We look forward to seeing, reading or listening to you!

Discover a first selection of testimonies here.

The themes of the week

Each week, we have unveiled six Magnum Photos images presented through the prism of the following themes: “Defying”, “Express”, “Recover”, “Staying connected”, “Preventing”. We have had the pleasure of discussing them with our guests during zoom conferences or through blog notes that we invite you to rediscover here:

Week 1: “Defying”
Week 2: “Express”
Week 3: “Recover”
Week 4: “Staying connected”
Week 5: “Preventing”
Week 6: “Looking”