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Reflections on Peace

16 September 2020 to 10 January 2021

BEIRUT, Lebanon – Samira Ezzo, 21, listens to a sound installation in Beit Beirut, a recently opened exhibit space and memorial to the civil war.

Photo credits: © Nichole Sobecki/VII

For our next exhibition, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum is teaming up with celebrated photography agency VII to explore the peace-building process and its outcome in Lebanon, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia and Colombia.

These countries have experienced drawn-out conflicts in which the signing of a peace accord between the warring parties has been an essential step, but where peace often remains a promise, a projection of a better life that may take years to become reality. The exhibition invites visitors to imagine the many different forms that this ideal future might take.

Renowned war photographers return to the countries where, 20 years earlier, they completed their first assignments on the conflicts. Now, with some hindsight, we can draw lessons from the end of hostilities in those countries: what worked and what didn’t, and how future generations can learn from the experience to build sustainable peace.