News COVID-19 and Us by Magnum Photos and You – Week 5

Our theme this week: Preventing

COVID-19 challenges us at every level, for it forces us to question our status quo, our way of living and our assumptions. This week, we are tackling a new theme with you: prevention. What are the issues surrounding prevention? This does not only concern hygiene and sanitary measures, but also takes us into a societal field. How can we prevent the loss of connection and isolation? How can we prevent social distress, food insecurity, isolation of vulnerable people?

Join us on Friday June 26 at 12.15 pm for a conversation about this week’s images with our guests Stéphanie Lambert, Director General of the Geneva Red Cross and Magali Dougados, photographer.

Moderator: Alessia Barbezat, Head of Communications and Public Relations, MICR

Conversation in French.

How to participate?

To join the conversation, just click on the following link:

We look forward to sharing this moment with you!

Stéphanie Lambert 

Stéphanie Lambert is the Director General of the Geneva Red Cross since three years. This local humanitarian organization is active in Geneva in the fields of health and social integration and has 350 staff members, 3,000 registered volunteers (1,000 active per year) and 5,000 members. Stéphanie Lambert joined the board of directors of the Geneva Red Cross in 2010. During her ten years with the association, she has initiated and shaped several projects involving decision-making, risk analysis, organisational restructuring, overhaul of human resources policy, fundraising and communication.

Prior to joining the Red Cross, Stéphanie Lambert managed multifunctional teams at Procter & Gamble, a consumer health and care products company. There she was responsible for brands representing more than $1 billion in sales. There, she developed innovative methods for analyzing and interpreting market data that produced unprecedented results. She also designed a communication and planning tool to facilitate improved international collaboration for new product launches and communication campaigns, for which she received the award for best organizational project.

Passionate about the performance of non-profit organizations, Stéphanie Lambert constantly adapts business management tools to the non-profit environment. She is the author of a management guide focused on finding the balance between human services and financial realities, and on managing teams and programs with serenity (Favre Edition, November 2017,

Magali Dougados

Magali Dougados is a freelance photographer who for several years now has been roaming the wings of the stages of the Théâtre de La Comédie and the Grand Théâtre de Genève in search of those invisible moments when the creative process is elaborating a show; those moments to be captured on the spot to reveal what has been experienced through between rehearsals and surges of energy. A work of stage that complements the work done with the authors of the Société de Lecture. These collaborations, as well as those she faithfully pursues with the NOF of Fribourg, various festivals, or with the photographer Sandra Pointet for the magazine In The Mood du Bon Génie, feed the same quest, which is also reflected in her personal work.

Latest exhibitions :
Echoes, Espace Labo, Geneva, 2017
Quicksand, Galerie Espace à Vendre, Nice, 2018
Snapshots, Société de Lecture, Geneva, 2018

Current Projects :
Reframing, in co-commissioning and research with Karelle Ménine, Switzerland, 2020-22
Lyrics, co-commissioned and researched with Céline Bolomey, Switzerland, 2020-21

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