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Colour a poster! Week 1

My name’s Marido and I work at the Museum. I'm at home now like you are. How about we connect here every Wednesday? Would you like that?

We have a vast and really beautiful collection of posters at the Museum. They help us to understand what is happening to us all today.

Once a week, I will make one available for everyone to enjoy colouring. I’d like to share some pointers with your mum, your dad, or the person who is taking care of you. If they agree, I’d be very happy to receive your drawing. Thank you!

For the grown-ups:

To begin a discussion with the child about what is happening to us today, we suggest you ask the following questions during the colouring.
You can share the drawing with us by using #RedCrossMuseum on social media or by sending it to us by post: International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Avenue de la Paix 17, 1202 Geneva.

To download the colouring poster and print it at home, click here.


– What do you see on this poster? Where is the little girl from? Where is she? Who is she with? What is she doing?
– What do you think is written on the poster?
– Why do you have to sneeze or cough into a handkerchief or into your elbow?
– What should you do after sneezing or coughing?
– In your opinion, is this poster recent or is it old, very old? What makes you think so?
– Does this drawing look like the ones you see today?
– Today, this message is accompanied by other precautionary measures. Do you know them?

See you next Wednesday for another poster!