Activities The museum proposes to you

Meet The Humanitarian Workers
Field Mission, Season 2

Conference about today’s challenges, speed meeting, news from the field…
One day to meet and exchange with the people in the field in collaboration with the
ICRC, the Geneva Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

24 septembre 2017 de 10h à 18h

Episode 1 – Events
From 12pm until 1:30pm – Atrium or in the temporary exhibition space
Untitled 91/17
Author, screenplay, game and music by Marcela San Pedro et Mikel Aristegui

At 3:30pm and 5pm (running time: 50 minutes) – Atrium or in the temporary exhibtion space.
On-site registration

Wellness session animated by Antoine Jaunin from PVA-Genève.

Épisode 2 – Conferences
At 11am – running time: 1hour – Humanitarium – French and interpreted in LSF
Today’s humanitarian challenges
A discussion between Yves Daccord, Director-General of the ICRC and Pascale Meige,
Head of disasters and crises department at the IFRC.
Moderator: Guy Mettan, Director of the swiss press club.

Every hour from 1:30pm until 4:30pm – running time: 40 minutes – Humanitarium –  French and English
News from the field
Delegates from the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement share their experience of the field.
Les Migrants – Tiziana Bonzon, Responsable Migration et groupe de travail sur la migration (FICR) – Only in French
Les défis et la réponse du CICR au Moyen-Orient – Robert Mardini, Directeur régional pour le Proche et Moyen-Orient (CICR) – Only in French
Les risques chimiques et radiologiques dans les conflits – Johny Mehme (CICR)  – Only in French
Epidemics – Panu Saaristo (IFRC) – In English.

Episode 3 – Meetings
From 2pm until 4pm – running time: 20 minutes per meeting – Restaurant – On-site registration
Meeting in small groups with delegates from the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

From 10am until 2pm – continuously – Humanitarium – On-site registration
“Wellness” workshop
Craniosacral therapy by Lucile Valente, traditional Thaï massage by Ivan Matthieu and
Masso-therapy by Antonin Jaunin, in collaboration with PVA-Genève.

From 2pm until 6pm – continuously – Humanitarium
Geneva Red Cross workshop
Awareness-raising to mobility problems, roleplay alternately between a helper and a weakened person through our exhibit.
Seniors d’ici et d’ailleurs, a soft gym session
Alimentation, an exchange on the content of our plates

From 11am until 5pm – continuously – Restaurant
Exchange on the fight against HIV/AIDS
Meet the Geneva AIDS Group to talk about prevention,
testing, treatment and news from the fight in 2017 !

All day long – Restaurant
Institution display by booth
IFRC, Geneva Red-Cross, ICRC, Geneva AIDS Group, PVA-Geneva, Espace Entreprise

Episode 4 – 7-12 years old, teenagers, family
From 10:30am until 6pm – continuously –  Henry Dunant Space
Child – area
Activities animated by Chaperon Rouge from the Geneva Red Cross:
Small visit of the Humanitarian Adventure and games
7- 12 years old

From 11am until 5pm – continuously –  Restaurant or the permanent exhibit area
Raid Cross, roleplay to discover the humanitarian law.
From 12 years old

Episode 5 – Guided tours
From 10:30am until 5pm, running time: 30 minutes, regular departure – in French and English – Meeting at the Museum lobby
Speed-visit, a ”quick-discovery” of the main objects from the field

11am in English
2pm in French signed language (LSF)
2:30pm in French
Guided tour of the temporary exhibit The fight against AIDS in images. (running time: 1hour)

Episode 6 – Exhibits
Our permanent and temporary exhibits are open.
Audio guides in 8 languages and audio guided tour for 8-12 years old, teenagers and audio-description.

War in Cities, an exhbit from the ICRC at the Humanitarium

No registration needed