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26.11.21 6pm-7pm MASTERCLASS #2: Thinking feminists museums

Masterclass by Rebecca Amsellem, in conversation with Alayo Akinkugbe, founder of @ablackhistoryofart
In collaboration with Les Créatives festival
Language: English

What would a feminist, inclusive and engaged museum look like? What concrete steps can be taken to achieve this?

As a legacy of patriarchal society, museums are – for the most part – designed by men or for men. How can we make the museum experience more inclusive and the constitution of its heritage more egalitarian?

Each year, the MICR addresses a major societal theme through all its productions, both as a public space and as an employer. “Gender and diversity” is the theme for 2021-2022, and these themes are explored alongside Rebecca Amsellem, with whom the museum has been working for over a year to identify what a feminist and committed museum would be. The author and activist will share the results of this important research in a series of masterclasses, which will open the doors to a more inclusive and diverse museum.

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26.11.21 MASTERCLASS #2: thinking feminist museums

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